Seed of Peace

Communication is Key

Somerset: NVC Level One Course (two Sundays)

Conflict happens in all relationships — with our partners, our children, our colleagues and within our communities. Nonviolent communication, or NVC, is a way of learning to deal with these conflicts whilst maintaining our connection with others even though it may be difficult. If we are able to be in touch with our needs, it’s more likely that we’ll be able to hear other’s needs — without judgement, blame or criticism.

This two-day NVC Level One Course in Bruton in Somerset will give you the basic skills for applying NVC in your own life. Whether you come as a couple, with a friend, or by yourself, you will learn powerful and transformative tools for dealing with conflicts, through self-connection, empathising with others and expressing yourself more fully from a place of compassion.


Course Aims

  • Introduces you to the steps of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process for use in expressing yourself to others, listening to others, and listening compassionately to yourself.
  • Gives you sufficient information and practice to start using NVC in your daily life.
  • Is run in an experiential style working with examples from participants’ lives.
  • Is a recognised stepping stone to further NVC training.
  • Is a safe learning environment.

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