Our pricing is super simple. No complex tables of features you get if you pay more and more... just one simple price for everything!

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Learning: it's FREE!

We won't make you pay a monthly fee while you are starting out. Just use Workshop Angel for free in "Test" mode while you get set up.

"Test" mode has all the features of "Live" mode with only two differences: Card payments are processed but the money is not taken... and messages are created but not actually sent.

Use "Test" mode to define all your activities (events / workshops / classes) in terms of descriptions, prices and questions to ask on the client booking form. Test them out with imaginary attendees to be sure you've got it right.

Define all your activities, prices, questions and messages, test them all out for free, and then just link to the booking form to start taking live payments!

Using with real clients: it's 2%

The fee for using Workshop Angel is 2% of the live client payments you record. At the end of each month we will calculate this amount and send you an invoice which you can pay by card.

You will also be directly charged an additional ~1.5% for card transactions by your card payment provider, Stripe.

Super simple!

(If you are a dedicated retreat centre, we have a separate pricing plan - you can click here to read the details.)

Earn an Affiliate Income!

Recommend and promote Workshop Angel

If you feel the benefits of Workshop Angel, learn about the system, then recommend it to your contacts and create your own marketing campaign.
Ask prospects to sign up with your specific affiliate link.

Support your contact to get started

Support and encourage your contact as they learn and start to move their business administration functions over.

Receive your affiliate income!

You can choose your income structure based on the fees your contact pays for using Workshop Angel:
80% of their fees for 6 months.
50% of their fees for 12 months.
20% of their fees forever!

Read our blog post about becoming an affiliate, and contact us if you are interested to join up!